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Offer Checklist

A good offer not only attracts new customers, but also builds loyalty and strengthens relationships with existing ones - making it an essential part of any successful business.


The Irresistible - Offer Checklist will help you:

  • Understand what makes an effective offer and use it to your advantage

  • Upgrade your offers and increase conversions

  • Appeal to emotions to encourage customers to take advantage of your offer

  • Offer something unique and exclusive to customers

A good offer can be an absolute game-changer for the funnel marketing strategy of any small business. It gives them the opportunity to bring something unique and irresistible to their audience, stand out from the competition, exponentially increase their visibility and reach, and ultimately grow their business. Small businesses usually don't have as many cost-effective promotional tools as larger companies do.


However, with a great offer they are able to attract new customers while building loyalty among existing ones. Investing in offers is always beneficial in terms of generating more leads, sales, and relationships with customers - making it a must for any small business that truly wants to make its mark on the market. This 7-point checklist will help you create the offers your audience will find absolutely irresistible.

Make the offer irresistible and everything changes from there.

Create offers your target audience will find irresistible with this checklist.

This download will be emailed to you immediately. If this is the first time you request a file from us, it may take up to 15 minutes to land in your inbox.

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