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Our Work

Here you can find a few examples of work that we have done for our clients. We specialize in developing comprehensive, creative, and effective solutions that meet our client's needs to achieve their specific goals. We hope this selection provides you with some insight into the kind of work you can expect from us.

Instagram Makeover

By Digital Means worked hard to give DetourXP a complete makeover for their Instagram presence, including optimizing content for maximum engagement, creating compelling visuals, and leveraging the best tactics for boosting visibility resulting in double digit engagement and follower growth rate.

Webinar Funnel

After carefully analyzing InnerPC's target audience, we went to work creating a comprehensive webinar funnel that would generate and nurture leads. We created a compelling questionaire that followed the webinar, crafted engaging copy for emails, and optimized the user journey resulting in an amazing 10% conversion to appointment rate.

InnerPC evergreen webinar still
Brand2Sell sales page

Sales Page Redesign

We revamped the sales page for Brand2Sell, to ensure maximum conversions. We conducted in-depth research on customer behaviour and preferences to create an optimized user journey. We also employed persuasive copywriting techniques, along with visual design elements to add more appeal to the page. Finally, we created a streamlined purchasing process that was easy yet secure for customers.

If you're interested in how we can help you, feel free to book a free marketing strategy session with us.
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